This project began with an idea that continued to grow until it was approved for development as a final project.

A market survey was initiated after presenting an outline of the project and pointing out its benefits, including a thorough research of the product itself, of similar devices and of potential audience.

A detailed functional characterization was put in writing during the first stage. It included the principal requirements from the machine, such as; operation protocol, desired output, measurements, work procedure, user interface, fail situations, products loading, transportation, maintenance and overall cost.

In the second stage possible planning options were developed. These were compatible with the concept of characterization, specified in detail and accompanied by general drafts to illustrate the option. A comparison illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of each option was also included.

A comparison of all the relevant alternatives was presented in the end of the section on options. It included the important points for choosing the suitable option. This comparison took into consideration the mechanical simplicity of the machine, precision of movement, credibility, loading products, maintenance, work output, product quantity, cost, and a number of axes. The most suitable option was selected after completion of a comparative analysis.

The next stage was a detailed presentation in writing of the control system, describing in detail how the process was performed from start to finish, focusing on the starting position of the systems in the machine, such as the position of the elevating system and the condition of the water system. In addition, sensors were placed in key places to identify malfunctions during operation.

Next, following the characterization of the control system, possible malfunctions during operation were shown, for example: non-vacant delivery outlet; exit of product to the elevator not identified; exit of product to the delivery outlet not identified.

After choosing a suitable option the primary planning stage was commenced. It included planning the main systems of the machine, such as: linear conveyor system, carriage and trays. Following that the specific designing of the machine was initiated, including all the accessories that had to be purchased or sent for production, the relevant drafts were made and a product tree for the machine was written.

As this project was made in the frame of higher education studies, a project abstract was written and conclusions were drawn.


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